Ultrasonic extraction: a single technology for multiple applications.

The ultrasonic extraction technology can be applied in different sectors such as food production, liqueur, the herbal sector, the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical classical homeopathic pharmaceuticals, veterinary pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, and green chemistry, agriculture, the research laboratories etc. In particular, for herbal extracts, active ingredients, homeopathic extracts, nutraceutical, cosmetics, herboristics, galenics, liqueur and herbs in general.

Ultrasound extraction

Ultrasound extraction is a future technology that allows to extract the active compounds from plants and medicinal plants and produce high quality phyto-extracts. This Technology is considered BIO because eliminates the use of non-natural solvents and it is recommended for those who want to make products with “organic certification”.

Application fields

Ultrasound extraction technology can be applied in various fields: food industry, liquor, cosmetic industry, classical and homeopathic pharmaceutical, veterinary medicine, biochemistry, agricolture and search laboratories.

Ultrasound extraction plants

DIA-SONIC EXTRACTORS are the result of research and collaboration between three companies that have combined their knowledge and experience with ultrasaund technology, extraction processes and the biological and structural characteristics of plants and vegetable raw materials.

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