Ultrasounds for flavouring processes

The following processes require a very fast treatment time (few minutes).
On the market there are many ingredients used to flavor , like for example vegetables ( garlic, onion etc. ), herbs ( rosemary, sage, mint, oregano etc.) spices ( nutmeg, ginger, cloves etc.  , fruits, mushrooms etc.
You can aromatized wine, vinegar, oil, beer, liqueu , distilled, liquids but also products for the cosmetic industry, creams, detergents , natural soap, shampoo etc.

Of course it is possible at any moment to make an assay test and stop the cycle when the taste of the
product it satisfies the requirements of the producer.


The phenomenon of craft beer is constantly evolving. The increase in the production of craft beer requires that each brewery differentiates their products from those of the competitors.

The beer can also flavoured with fruit, extract of herbs or spices. Ultrasound technology due the breach of cellular walls of the plant and it flavours the release of the aroma. You can use plants like as cinnamom, liquirice, mint, cardamom, lavende , starry anise etc.