Herbal liqueurs and spirits

Aging of the whiskey brandy, cognac gin, rums, vodka etc…

The ultrasound extraction completely the aromatic fraction contained in oak chips, chestnut tree, durmast oak, transferring in the liqueurs. Ultrasounds can be age the liqueurs in days instead of years.  The process accelerates the formation of esters, which are among the many chemicals that give a liqueurs its distint flavor. By sonication in a very short ime of treatment we get a complete molecular change. This means an enhacement in taste and quality.

Ultrasounds for production of liqueurs and spirits

The ultrasound  have  the advantages of greatly  intensifing the aromas  present  in the plants and  in the liquids.  You  can produce liquor with  herbs,  citrus peels, roots  such  licorice, bark  and aromatic ghips. The extraction  can  be  made  with  alcohol,  brandy  or any  other liquid.

It can produce  a finished  product  or a concentrated  solution  to be diluted  in a second  phase.


A liqueur already produced (like brandy, vodka, whisky, cognac, gin etc. ) can be treated directly to improve the flavor.  In the distillates the process harmonizes the stinging and aggressive taste of the ethyl alcohol and make it softer.


The ultrasound  technology  is particularly suitable in the flavouring process of the liqueurs. The process is very  fast and it is possible to use any aromatic product. The finished product  is very stable in time.