The facility ultrasonic DIA-SONIC are the result of research and collaboration among three companies that have combined their knowledge and experiences related to ultrasound technology, the extraction processes and the biological and structural features of plants and plant materials.
These extremely versatile equipment, secure, easy to use allow the use of any solvent.
They do not require special installations and occupy a limited space also in models for the processing of significant quantities.
The operational and functional versatility allows to work with the same system, variable amounts of raw material, depending on the contingent requirements, without constraints of drug / solvent ratio.
of different capacity models are designed to meet the production needs of small businesses, workshops and research, being able to work even with minimum quantities.
Larger systems may instead better meet the processing demand of the most demanding enterprises.
In all models a particular hardware-software allows to regulate, control, set and select the desired extraction cycles, depending on the need.
This ensures the standardization and repeatability of the optimal process chosen extraction and deriving from experience prior.
The proposed installation is suitable not only for the extraction processes, but also to homogenize or emulsify lipophilic-hydrophilic solutions or transfer with a specific method we have provided, of aromatic character molecules between different liquid phases.
The ultrasonic technique also allows the omogeineizzazione of fruit and vegetable juices, tomato juice, sauces and soups, produced in laboratories and food companies.

Models: from 5 liters up to 250 liters.