Ultrasounds for vinegar

Refinement of vinegar:
the vinegar treated for few minutes it becomes softer and more flavorfull; the volatile acidity is eliminated giving a more aromatic bouquet.

Flavored vinegar
The ultrasound exalt the release of the aroms and after the fermentation, the vinegar can be flavored with spices, herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary, ginger etc., fruits (orange, blackberries etc.), oak chips.
In this way it is possible to produce new line of vinegar with new flavors.

Aging and maturation
The vinegar put in contact with oak chips in few seconds it absorbs the aromatic fraction. Of course you can stop the process when the flavor desired is reached.

With the addition of caramel the dark brown color is obtained in few seconds.

Vinegar concentration

With the vacuum concentrators it is possible (at low temperature 37° C) to eliminate part of the water and get a concentrated vinegar up to the desired value (also similar to jam).