Ultrasonic extraction

Ultrasounds extraction technology can be considered a futire technology.

It is only mechanical extraction that allows you to extract the active compounds from plants and medicinal plants and produce high quality phyto-extracts. This technology is considered BIO because eliminates the use of non-natural solvents and it is recommended for those who want to make products with ‘organic certification’.

Ultrasound extraction is an interesting process to obtain high valuable compounds and could contribute to increase in the value of some food by-products as sources of natural compounds; they have a dual effect on the vegetable matrix: drastically reduction of the extraction time and a reduction or destruction of bacterial.

Ultrasounds extraction is a cutting-edge technology:

  • Ideal for prepation of products to natural biological certification: production of active compounds of highest quality and it is recommended for those who want to make products with organic certification
  • It is the only technology that allows the use of water as a solvent, this means extracts alcohol free
  • Are obtained natural extracts of high quality that respect the organoleptic characteristic of the active compounds contained in the plant Created mainly for Countries where the use of alcohol is prohibited
  • Valorization and exaltation of the aromatic compounds
  • Production of supplements alcohol free for children
  • High saving for alcohol purchase
  • Are not necessary expensive distillation processes to remove the alcohol from extract The fast extraction (few minutes) reduce the risk of hydrolysis, oxidation and fermentation
  • Sterile extract, oltrasound cause the lysis of the bacteria. No stock to warehouse – fast delivery of the order. Maintenance free – no technical assistance – low energy comsumption
  • You can treat any fresh or dried plant such as leaves, flowers, roots, bark, fruit etc
  • You can use any natural solvent (water, alcohol, oil, etc.), but also organic solvent (glycol, hexane etc). Control of power of ultrasound. Extraction cycles at a controlled temperature (up to 80° C). PE (Pulsed Extraction) a program for delicate active compounds
  • Different functions: extraction, mixing, aromatization, emulsy, homogenizing