DIA-SONIC EXTRACTORS are the result of research and collaboration between three companies that have combined their knowledge and experience with ultrasaund technology, extraction processes and the biological and structural characteristics of plants and vegetable raw materials.

This extremely simple, versatile and safe equipment, allow the use of any solvent.

In all models, a particular hardware and software allows you to adjust, check, set and select the desired extraction cycle, to obtain the desired result.

This ensures standardization and repeatability of optimal extraction process resulting from previous experience.

These plants are also suitable for homogenize and emulsify hydrophilic-lipophilic solutions or transfer aromatic molecules between different liquid phases.

The ultrasound technology also allows the homogenization of fruit and vegetable juices, tomato juice, sauces and soups, products from labs and food companies.

Models are from 5 liters up to 250 liters.